About Raquel-IA

Our mission is to provide a novel artist's tool using ekphrasis that allows anyone to create and share artistic images using initial text provided by the user through just a few clicks. All you need to do is upload a text and click on Raquel-ÍA to generate an image that represents your text in an artistic way.

We use the "Rachael" virtual assistant and her general cognition engine to choose which artwork Raquel-IA will use as inspiration and a composition module that we are continuously working on, so it will in general not be possible to generate the same image twice! The site is provided by The Goodwill Company Ltd. to give the user access to the latest technology in an easily accessible format.

Each work that Raquel-IA has in her memory to give her inspiration is associated with an ecphrastic description, that is, a vivid, sometimes rhetorical, literary description that allows her to associate works with what the visitor mentions in a sophisticated way. For example, in the case of "The first steps" (1890) by Vincent van Gogh, Raquel-IA associates the painting with the following description:

“The first steps of a child are most important for the child and for the parents, for it is an intimate family scene with universal appeal that can be shown through a harmonious color scheme.”

Therefore, Raquel-IA will possibly use this work if the visitor mentions concepts like "harmonious color combination", "family scene", "first steps of a child" or similar things. In other words, Raquel-IA is capable of making complex semantic associations between what the visitor writes and her memory, which she uses to choose the works that she will use as inspiration in her works.

The work shown here on the left was produced by Raquel-IA in response to the following text by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in "The Little Prince":

"And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

You can generate as many images as you want for free. Because generating these images requires a lot of computing power, free images are limited to a size of 500x500 pixels and there is a queue to process them. If you want the system to process your image immediately, there is a small charge and your image will be ready in less than 15 minutes - guaranteed!

Initially, we only offer images in grayscale or color. We hope in the near future to be able to offer different textures and styles, as well as some editing tools for the user, with which some adjustments can be done on his own. Other capabilities, such as synesthesia and symbology, will be added as the composition module evolves.

For the first time, the visitor can take part in the creative process by contributing their own words or ideas that attract them, also contributing their own images, if they have any, to arrive at a work of art produced with the collaboration of the visitor himself and that will be unique; and representative of the visitor's ideas.

It is also possible to obtain a file with a high resolution image for personal use, whether you want to print it on a shirt, a canvas, or simply use it as a wallpaper - you decide. In addition to the free standard images, we offer two high resolution image sizes, one at 1.7 megapixels and Ultra-HD at 9 megapixels; in all cases without watermarks. We have now added the option to acquire the image in NFT format through OpenSea.io

The way to buy an image you have produced is to initially create one or many low-resolution images for free and then purchase the one(s) that you like. Nobody wants to buy something that they have not seen and with which they do not identify in some way. That is why we allow the user to generate images for free until they find one they want to keep. Once you've found something that you like and want to keep, you can purchase a high-resolution physical picture or file later. The purchase options are available on the page that shows the image produced by Raquel-IA and also in the e-mail you receive when your image is available.

Remember that all the funds raised on this site will go to developing this virtual artist and in general to research and development in Artificial Intelligence(AI). This project is important for two reasons: it helps us understand more about the human brain and the process of human creativity and secondly, it helps in the develpment of more porwerful and versatile artificial cognition systems. Therefore, with your support we will be able to advance further and support more students, research and development so we very much appreciate your generous contributions.

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