About Raquel-IA

We have developed a new artistic tool using artificial intelligence. Through ekphrasis and decoupage, the visitor interacts with Raquel-IA proposing, creating and exploring verbal concepts through visual art assisted by artificial intelligence, questioning new meanings by materializing concepts in a visual artistic work, providing symbology and expression to a work through user interaction with the combination of artificial intelligence and knowledge about Art.

By investigating human creativity, understanding the decision-making process, implementing this knowledge in an artificial cognitive system and proposing a model of artistic processes, we have managed to implement "computational creativity" through Raquel-IA Ekphrastic Art; which now possesses the ability to replicate some aspects of human creative artistic behaviour.

The Raquel-IA collaborative development process...

  • encourages interest in the investigation of the human creative process, defining values ​​on the conceptualization and sequence of an artificial system.

  • consolidates the multidisciplinary participation of various areas of the arts, neurosciences, linguistics and artificial intelligence, in a collaborative and educational effort.

  • strengthens the necessary infrastructure in advanced systems and human resources, to achieve and maintain global technological leadership from our technological ecosystem.

Raquel-IA's technology, Ekphrastic Art, firstly reduces the vocabulary to a simplified version of 1000 words, converts each sentence to an ideogram (graphical representation of a concept) and displays each sentence in an illustrative space predefined by the relationships between all the words. of reduced vocabulary. By displaying each ideogram of a sentence in this illustrative space, each ideogram is made to represent a concept regardless of the specific words and grammar. The distance between two sentences is then defined by their semantic similarity. This allows Raquel-IA Ekphrastic Art to "understand" the meaning of each visitor's phrase and choose a relevant work of art for inspirational purposes.

In this illustrative space, Raquel-IA keeps an ekphrastic description - that is, a literary, vivid, sometimes rhetorical description - of paintings, sculptures and photographs. Through a search, Raquel-IA associates in a sophisticated way works in her memory to each sentence of the text that the visitor provides to use them as inspiration for her own work.

Once the visitor presses the generate artwork button, this collection of inspirational artworks are combined using their artistic composition skills to generate their own artwork, representative of the text provided by the visitor. Consecutively by simplifying the language we continue to expand your knowledge of art, symbolism, synesthesia, styles and techniques of artistic composition; so even if the exact same text is supplied twice the results will probably be different. Each work is created by Raquel-IA, is generated in response to the text provided by the visitor and is unique.

For example, in the case of "The First Steps" (1890) by Vincent van Gogh, Raquel-IA associates the following description:

“The first steps of a child are the most important for the child and the parents, as it is an intimate family scene with a universal appeal that can be shown through a harmonious color scheme.”

Therefore, Raquel-AI will possibly use this work if the visitor mentions concepts such as “harmonious color combination”, “family scene”, “first steps of a child” or similar things. In other words, Raquel-IA is capable of making complex semantic associations between what the visitor writes and her memory, which she uses to choose the works that she will use as inspiration for her works.

The work shown here was made by Raquel-IA in response to the following Ovid text in Metamorphoses:

"Time, devourer of all things, and you, hateful old age, you destroy everything and bit by bit you consume all those things which have been mangled by the teeth of the passing age."

You can generate as many images as you want for free with a limited resolution. Because generating these images requires a lot of computing power, free images are limited to a size of 500x500 pixels.

For the first time, the visitor can take part in the creative process by integrating his own words or ideas, he can also integrate an image that the visitor owns into his own composition; thus generating a unique work of art produced in collaboration between the visitor and Raquel-IA.

We are open to receiving commissions to produce artworks using the skills of Raquel-IA. To achieve this, the client must provide the desired size, material and at least four texts that will be used to produce a couple of proposals from which the client can choose the one to be produced. This artwork will be numbered, sealed and signed and will be delivered together with a certificate of authenticity to any destination worldwide that the client wishes.

You can purchase the high resolution image as a digital file, or printed on canvas or art paper, or some other application. In addition to the free standard images, we offer two sizes of high-resolution images, one at 1.7 megapixels and Ultra-HD at 16 megapixels; in all cases without watermarks. It is possible to acquire the image in NFT format.

To buy an image after creating a composition, it is recommended to explore and choose your best options by viewing them in low resolution, choose and buy the one(s) that you like. No one wants to buy something they haven't seen and don't identify with in any way. That's why we allow the visitor to generate images for free until they find one they want to keep. The purchase options are available on the page that shows the image produced by Raquel-IA and also in the e-mail you receive when your image is made available.

We have available a catalog of works produced by Raquel-IA, these works can be purchased, if you have any special request we will be available so you can buy the best option for you.

Our mission is to make available to any visitor a new artistic tool using ekphrasis that allows creating and sharing artistic images using an initial text and a few clicks, anyone can express themselves through art with Raquel-IA.

Remember that all the funds raised on this site go to develop this virtual artist and in general to research and development in Artificial Intelligence (AI). This project is important for two reasons: it helps us understand the human brain and its creativity process and secondly it helps us develop more powerful cognitive systems. Therefore, with your support we will be able to continue working, advance further and support more students in this area of ​​knowledge, for which we appreciate your contributions.

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